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Bioactive Collagen Booster


Mukti's Bioactive Collagen Booster is a non-vegan, organic collagen powder product specifically formulated with Verisol Collagen Peptides* that works to optimise skin, hair, gut and nail health.

Collagen gives skin structure, as we age, our collagen levels decline. Clinically proven, supplementation with marine collagen replaces and replenishes lost collagen.

To further enhance results, our formulation is also combined with key anti-ageing and antioxidant ingredients including Vitamin C, Astaxanthin, Resveratrol, and Hyaluronic acid.

Infused with wild berry antioxidants to provide a refreshing raspberry flavour that can be enjoyed with water, or your favourite smoothie.

*2.5 g per serve of Type 1 & Type 3 Verisol Collagen Pepitides.


MARINE COLLAGEN: Marine collagen is a type of structural protein extracted from fish, typically from the scales, skin, or bones, that forms a kind of ‘glue’ that gives strength and structure to connective tissues in the human body, including skin, tendons, bones and cartilage. Marine collagen is easily absorbed and has several potential benefits, including increasing skin elasticity, supporting joint health, and boosting collagen production in the body.

JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE: Jerusalem Artichoke is a soluble fibre that is beneficial to produce intestinal tract flora, containing high amounts of inulin, a prebiotic directly responsible for stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria that make up your gut microflora. Prebiotic compounds function as food for the gut and help balance the harmful bacteria and toxins living in the digestive tract.

ASTAXANTHIN (RED ALGAE): Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring antioxidant found in microalgae. It’s known for its red or pinkish-red colouring, and has been studied for its potential health benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and neuroprotective properties.


Hydrolysed Marine Collagen powder (45%), Jerusalem Artichoke (Prebiotic 90% Inulin)*, Super Antioxidant Wild Berry Blend (12%) (Acai juice powder, Amla fruit juice powder*, Goji powder, Pomegranate juice powder, Acerola powder, Mangosteen Super ORAC powder, Strawberry juice powder, Cranberry juice powder, Maqui berry freeze-dried powder, Jabuticaba juice powder, Schisandra berry powder*), Natural Strawberry flavour, Beetroot powder*, Hyaluronic acid (Vegan), Citric Acid, Silica Colloidal (Anhydrous), Malic Acid, Aloe Vera juice powder*, Stevia RbA*, Kakadu Plum powder**, Davidson Plum powder**, Resveratrol, Astaxanthin (Red Algae). *Certified Organic. **Wild Harvested. Contains: Fish. May contain: wheat, dairy, peanuts, soy, nuts and eggs as product is made on equipment that also processes products containing these ingredients. No GMOs, artificial colourings, flavourings or preservatives. Nutritional Information is calculated on product mixed with water. Mixing with another beverage may change nutritional information.


Add 1 heaped teaspoon of powder to a glass with a small amount of filtered water to create a paste. Add remaining water (250ml) and stir vigorously.

There has been minimal processing to preserve nutritional integrity, some settling may occur – continue to stir until dissolved.

May also be added to a smoothie before blending.

Increasing to 2-3 serves a day may accelerate the results.

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