Ceremonial Matcha


Early harvest, organic matcha with rich flavor and vibrant natural green color.

Elevated levels of chlorophyll, evidenced by the matcha’s hue.

Japanese Ceremonial Matcha (Grade A)

Ceremonial Matcha (Grade A)

100% Organic Green Tea Matcha Powder. Certified JAS.

Source: Grown in Japan.


Induce calm state of mind with increased focus; enhance metabolism

Plant-based amino acids including L-Theanine and L-isoleucine

High levels of EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate): antioxidant shown to have cancer-fighting properties

Contains 20% protein building amino acids; full of chlorophyll and catechins, antioxidants only found in tea

How to Use

1. Scoop desired amount of matcha into bowl (1 teaspoon recommended to begin)

2. Pour splash of water on matcha

3. Whisk in “W” pattern for one minute or more to activate

4. Pour mixture into cup, add water.

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