Josh Rosebrook

Full Body Collection

$60 $120

The Full Body Collection is reflective of Josh Rosebrook's belief that skincare shouldn’t stop at the neck - the full body deserves the same level of care traditionally reserved for the face.

This dynamic three-piece kitoffers a complete range of essential care for the body! Each product is bio-designed to deliver face-worthy ingredients in result-driven body care products. This kit is suitable and supportive of all skin types.

CLEANSE Biome Body Cleanse - 8 fl oz

A decadent bubbly mousse, this lush cleanser replenishes the skin's surface with microbiome boosting pre-and pro-biotics. In addition, it delivers repairing ceramides to alleviate the appearance of any redness and irritation. This non-stripping moisturizing formula leaves you feeling soft, balanced, and energized from fresh, zesty citrus notes with centering herbaceous undertones.

EXFOLIATE Body Acid Serum - 6 fl oz

A hydrating, resurfacing treatment serum with a signature acid medley calibrated to work effortlessly with thicker skin at different depths and speeds to help smooth, brighten, and moisturize. This elevated exfoliation harnesses Glycolic acid, Hibiscus Flower acid, and enzymatic Papaya to gently remove dead cell build-up,smooth skin texture, and diminish the visibility of dark spots.

REGENERATE C Body Cream - 4 oz

A velvety nutrient-dense cream kickstarts skin regeneration by visibly brightening, easing congestion, and improving elasticity with 3-O-Ethyl-L-Ascorbic Acid, Niacinamide, Polypeptide Protein Extracts, and potent microalgae; Astaxanthin. With a sweet citrus aroma, this quick-absorption formula is profoundly moisturizing.

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