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Geranium Clay Mask


French Pink Clay, a combination of naturally mined Red and White clays, softens and gently detoxifies. Natural minerals tone and replenish cells for smoother, radiant skin. Cardamom powder contains antioxidants that help resist cellular aging. Geranium oil's antibacterial and astringent properties aid in wrinkle prevention and minimize breakouts. Ideal for dry/normal skin types.


Key Ingredients

Cardamom: contains antioxidants that help resist cellular aging.

Red Clay: High in the mineral iron, it is super detoxifying, brightening, and strengthening for the skin. It clings to impurities to help clarify skin.

Geranium: Super effective in lightening dark spots (hyperpigmentation), scars, and blemishes. Geranium is also known to be anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, and to tighten skin.

White Clay: Great for sensitive skin, absorptive but gentle, while softening and soothing.

All Ingredients

French Pink Clay, Cardamom Powder + essential oil of Geranium* * Certified Organic


How to Use

In a small dish, mix a spoonful of clay (1 tsp recommended) and a small amount of water. Add more water or clay as needed to create desired paste consistency. In place of water, try raw honey, yogurt, flower hydrosol, or aloe to create a unique mask suited to your needs. Gently massage into face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes. Let dry and rinse with warm water. Moisturize.

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