Grainne Morton

Layered With Victorian Drop Earrings


This piece is from their Victorian drop collection - delicately structured tiers of balanced treasures. The moonstone in this piece brings compassion and empathy. 

Materials: Ethically sourced 18k gold-plated silver, antique enamel button, cameo, coral, moonstone, opal, rose quartz, shell, tourmaline, turquoise and vintage glass.

Fitting: Hook Ear

Length: 80mm

Width: 40mm

About Grainne Morton

Born and raised in Northern Ireland, by creative and antique-loving parents, Grainne was immersed in and surrounded by the traditional Crafts, Folklore, Music and Fairy Tales of the country. Grainne Morton uses found objects, often Victorian, and stones to create her unique and exquisite pieces. Each piece, carefully choreographed, the arranging and re-arranging of little objects, and precious things, moved and re-placed until they establish a relationship to each other. And tell a story to the viewer. Painstakingly crafted, each and every object Grainne places in to her compositions are delicately set by hand in silver… each casing measured, carefully, for a snug fit, soldered, pierced and polished, before placing in the tiny object, and rubbing the metal over to secure. Often plated with 18ct gold, or oxidised to highlight the enclosed jewels, the pieces finally end up all around the world.

Grainne’s work has been exhibited internationally and, in 2007, she was shortlisted for the Jerwood Applied Arts Prize.

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