Red Juice Go Packs


Now, you can finally unleash the lean, energetic, youthful person locked up inside you.

With 30 packs per box, a juice comes out to be $2.33!

Satisfy your sweet tooth, with no added sugar and only 2g per serving. The red juice is so delicious, energizing, and full of antioxidants for cellular protection and anti-aging! Replace bad habits with good ones. Power through your tasks for the day with ease! You’ll love the flavor, smooth texture, and rapid results. Keep a packet in your purse, in your desk, in your pocket, even your cell-phone case. Grab a glass or bottle of water, and you’re good to go.

This is natural energy provided by your body’s own cells and adaptogens, not caffeine. Ignite the fire in your fat-burning metabolism. Turn back the clock on aging skin. It’s never too late to change. Take these convenient go-packs wherever you go.

Key Ingredients

Cordyceps: Can help speed up a slow metabolism – essential for burning fat WITHOUT going wild in the gym.


Rhodiola: Increases resting metabolism - that means your body keeps burning fat while you sit and work!

Reishi: may balance hormone levels, contain strong anti-cancer properties, Protect against viruses and infections, support longevity, support stress relief, support immune system, help reduce histamine reactions. Contains polysaccharides that promote liver health for improved detoxing.3

Siberian Ginseng: Used to boost energy - shown to lower blood sugar.2 Also used to boost brain power.

Acai: Lowers muscle stress and improves effort tolerance – with 10X the antioxidants of most fruits.

Raspberry: Packed with skin strengthening minerals: Vitamin C, manganese, folic acid, copper, and iron.

Cranberry: Lowers oxidative stress, provides urinary tract support, improves gum health and even dental hygiene!

Pomegranate: A great source of youth-enhancing antioxidants. These seeds also improve cardiovascular health.

Beets: Rich in magnesium, folate, and nitric oxide. A serving can increase oxygen in blood cells by 16%!4

Blueberry: Loaded with phosphates, iron, and magnesium – micronutrients that play a role in raising metabolism.

Strawberry: A sweet but low-sugar source of collagen, flavonoids, phenolic phytonutrients, and phenol antioxidants.

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