Leizu by Elizabeth Few

Purple Carnation Silk Eye Mask + Travel Pouch


Did you know that even moonlight can keep you from reaching a deep and restful sleep? And if you are lucky enough to reach REM, creases and imprints from your pillows and sheets can cause damage to your skin and eventual wrinkles (hence our insistence on sleeping on silk!) Research shows that using a sleep mask can help you fall asleep, stay in a deep sleep and protect the skin around your eyes from damage while you’re at it. Protect your sleep cycle and your firm skin, with this silk sleep mask!

Made from the highest quality silk charmeuse, hand dyed with flowers and leaves (and completely toxin free). Hand crafted in Virginia.


Because Leizu Collection pieces are made in collaboration with nature, we fully embrace the element of chance. Each piece is a painting and no two are alike. Expect to be delighted by the variations in patterns and colors and get ready to fall in love with your one-of-a-kind piece!


Comes with a matching travel pouch. Elastic Band, double lined with 3 layers of batting for a perfect loft and weight. Quilters batting made in Virginia.

Care Instructions

Delicate hand wash. Lay flat to dry.

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