Leizu by Elizabeth Few

Silk Pillow Case- Eucalyptus / Carnation / Rose


With any luck, you spend at least 56 hours a week in an intimate embrace with your pillow case. That’s more time than you spend with your significant other or children, your favorite pair of jeans, and hopefully, your cell phone. We are here to create a very symbiotic relationship between you and your slumber. Leizu pillowcases are heavenly to the touch and a pleasing pop of color and pattern for your bed.

Because Leizu Collection pieces are made in collaboration with nature, we fully embrace the element of chance. Each piece is a painting and no two are alike. Expect to be delighted by the variations in patterns and colors and get ready to fall in love with your one-of-a-kind piece! 


The secret, after many millennia, is still not out about silk’s incredible anti-aging benefits. Silk's proteins and amino acids help counter the effect of aging. Silk allows your skin and hair to retain their natural emollients, helps regulate your body temperature, and is naturally hypoallergenic.

May help with reducing + preventing wrinkles + fine lines, skin's moisture retention, regulating body temperature, and preventing split ends + frizz.



Standard 26"l x 20"w


Care Instructions

Silk is among the strongest natural fibers; treat your pillowcase with care and it will last. Hand Wash in cool water, with gentle detergent. Air dry in the shade.



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