Soul Addict

Soul Addict


This Elixir is a hemp-derived adaptogen to help you find your plant-powered way to calm and zen. 

Add balance and empower your wellness journey with our plant-based blend of full-spectrum hemp extract. Each batch is third-party tested, ensuring the most potent and pure oil is left behind for your new favorite way to relax.

Pure plant-based ingredients: Cannabinoid-rich CO2 Hemp Extract emulsified in organic, virgin hemp seed oil.

3rd Party Lab Test Verified : Every batch is tested by an independent 3rd-party lab for potency, purity, and adherence to our high standards. Lab Reports available on request.


How to use

Day or night, add to your favorite teas, smoothies, tonics, raw foods, or straight-up as an elixir for your new favorite daily self-care beauty mixer. Check out our dosing guide for more info.

Every body is different. We recommend starting with 1 serving (15 drops, 4.2 mgs) and building up from there what works best for you. Our Elixir is a full-spectrum & whole-plant hemp oil | 4.2 mgs per serving.

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