Wooden Spoon Herbs

Venus Potion


A few drops of this Venus-inspired collaboration with Shiva Rose will transform your reality.

As soon as Venus Potion touches your tongue, rose immediately evokes sensuality and pleasure. Tangy schisandra brings adaptogenic qualities and hormone support, and the aphrodisiac shatavari—loosely translated as "she with one hundred husbands"—moistens and enlivens the tissues of the sexual organs in addition to promoting fertility. These herbs are all infused for one moon cycle, echoing the potency of our own cyclical natures.

The potion’s power is completed with pink lady's slipper flower essence, a vibrational remedy made from a special stand without harm to this beautiful endangered plant. Encountering her in the woods is a special treat that will stop you in her tracks with her overtly sexual, soft, and beautiful energy. Her flower essence works on a spiritual level to help to release shame around the body.

These magical allies combine to offer relaxation and a sensual state in all that you do.*



red rose petal*, shatavari*, schisandra*, pink lady’s slipper flower essence*, plant-derived glycerine*, distilled water


How to Use

Take a dropper full up to four times a day.

1 ounce glass bottle with dropper lid.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intent to treat, diagnose, or cure any disease.


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