Sun Potion

Wild Crafted Rhodiola


Rhodiola Rosea, also known commonly as golden root, rose root, arctis root and king’s crown is a perennial flowering plant and grows naturally in several places and climates across the world. Rhodiola has been used traditionally for a very long time, to treat several disorders such as anxiety, depression, helping with focus, and energy levels.

A Renowned Taoist Brain Tonic. Traditional Taoist Herb & Tibetan Qi Tonic. Super Brain Oxygenator.



May facilitate the following:

+ Promote mental clarity

+ Promote creativity and stamina

+ Help immune strength

+Support weight balance, longevity, and focus

*This product is mildly stimulating in nature. It is recommended that individuals with sensitivities to such foods consult their healthcare provider before use.



10:1 Cold Water Extract of Rhodiola Rosea, Wildcrafted in Tibet

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