Zinc with Copper


Zinc is a key player throughout your body, from immunity to mood.† Copper is vital for functions like making energy and blood cells. This zinc with copper supplement provides balanced doses of both essential minerals in one convenient capsule.

  • Maintains immune function
  • Healthy mood
  • Supports energy production 
  • Supports thyroid hormone function



  • Zinc is a key player in essential functions throughout your body, from immunity and hormone function to mood and cardiovascular support
  • Zinc and copper balance each other out and create a powerful antioxidant enzyme for defense against oxidative stress
  • The end result: science-backed ratio of two essential micronutrients for daily support


  • It’s tough to get enough zinc and copper from diet alone, and zinc needs to be replenished daily
  • Zinc and copper orotate are more bioavailable than other sources, so your body gets more of the good stuff
  • Supplementing with extra zinc and copper is one of the easiest “quick win” upgrades you can add to your diet


How To Use

Take one capsule daily with food. Avoid taking with iron, calcium, and phytates, which reduce zinc absorption. 

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