What is Vibrant Market all about?

Vibrant Market is a beauty and wellness shop, where we believe that what you put on your body is what you put in your body. We also believe in taking control of our health.

That’s why we provide you with the cleanest and most luxurious products and services to nourish your body and soul. From the highest quality supplements and superfoods, holistic and technologically advanced services like facials and biohacking machines, to natural skincare and makeup, we’ve got you covered from the inside out.

At Vibrant Market, we believe in transparency. Aren’t you tired of reading 20-letter chemical names on the back of your products? Or worse, not seeing the ingredients at all? Us too.

We want to make wellness easier and more understandable by offering consultations and Vibrant Starter Kits, customized for you.

Welcome to the next generation of wellness. Come get Vibrant!


What is “Clean Beauty”?

At Vibrant Market, clean beauty means ZERO toxic ingredients.  We believe that the best product lines are mindfully crafted – close to nature and completely transparent about both process and content. 

Knowing that the products we use daily on our skin are absorbed into our bodies, it’s a wonder why we don’t have higher standards for the beauty industry. Toxic skincare products on the market today can cause and contribute to endocrine disruptions, hormonal issues, skin irritation, cancer, and more. 

Not only are these products toxic, but they’re in fact less effective. 

The toxic products you see on most shelves boast active ingredients at 2-5%. On the other hand, the active ingredients in our products are 95-100%! Think, Icelandic sea kelp, jojoba, calendula, rose hip, hyaluronic acid, and red algae. We do not sacrifice the effectiveness of our products, we simply believe in using nature as it was intended. And nature seriously delivers.