Since my adolescence, I have been engrossed in health + wellness and the same ran true for skincare, but I hadn’t really seen a connection between the two at that point. Friends often came for me for advice on health, asking for recipes, what was good for them and what wasn’t, and what skincare products they should be using. One day I realized, if I am so intent on what I put in my body, why am I paying a lot of money to put crap on (and therefore in) my body? Around the same time I switched to clean beauty I became interested in biohacking, which is altering the environment around and inside of you, to gain control over your biology and therefore live the healthiest most vibrant life possible, and increase longevity.

Biohacking comes down to being super mindful about your everyday choices, including what skincare + cleaning products you use, what you put in your body, how you move, how you think, and the environments you inhabit. It also includes using the right supplements to support your optimal health and functioning down to a cellular level, as well as using whatever tools and technologies that will allow your body to operate at a higher level than it could without. I founded Vibrant Market so people could have access to a community, products, and services, that enable them to be the most vibrant version of themselves, inside and out.


Stay Vibrant,