Vibrant Align (Sports):

This perfect recovery service for the athlete whose body needs rejuvenation & muscle restoration. Torrey will work on increasing range of motion & drainage of lactic acid to shorten recovery time, decrease pain and discomfort from over training & misalignment. He will incorporate stretching, percussion, & specific massage techniques to manipulate the muscle groups. There will be a treatment plan offered for follow up services to get the best long term results to keep your body fresh & functional.

60 or 90 min, $165 / $210


Vibrant Restoration (Deep Tissue): Ideal for those who suffer from chronic pain, tension, stiffness, poor posture, & muscles with insufficient blood flow. Torrey uses cupping to facilitate blood flow & increase results of the deep tissue massage. Other tools such as hot stones & cryotherapy will be used to help muscle groups recover & regain proper function and health. Pressure point release will be used to release toxins to decrease pain & increase flexibility & durability in the muscles.

60 or 90 Min, $175 / $220


Vibrant Rebalance (Swedish): Perfect for someone seeking relaxation, respite from stress, and energetic re-centering. Rebalance energy and movement in your body and walk out feeling harmonized in your mind, body, and energy centers. This is a head to toe service that Torrey makes unique by focusing on cranial massage, detailed foot massage with reflexology, & detailed neck stretch to revitalize the neck and shoulder muscles to improve posture.

60 or 90 Min, $150 / $190



Reflexology: Also known as zone therapy. This add on will use hand work as well as the detoxifying, electrical energy balancing, and PH balancing Ayurvedic Kansa wand. Focusing on the feet, ears, and hands, reflexology is an ancient Chinese therapy that is used to restore and revitalize the entire body and its organs. It is used to treat conditions ranging from headaches, anxiety, to PMS, diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and more.

30 Min, $50


Cupping: An ancient Chinese modality that brings blood to the surface of muscles to promote muscle healing, detox, improve scarring, release fascia, increase lymphatic drainage, relieve pain, and even help with cellulite reduction.

15 Min, $40


Hot Stones: Adding hot stones to your massage is a way to bump up muscle release, increase blood flow, release stress & anxiety, and promote further relaxation. We have unique shaped stones that help manipulate different muscle groups more effectively.

15 Min, $30


About Torrey

Torrey Moton is an experienced licensed massage therapist who specializes in muscle manipulation, energetics, reflexology, neck stretching, and treatment customization. He loves to use a mix of different modalities. Torrey regularly attends specialized CEUs such as sports injury & recovery for training. A strong believer in the power of positive energy, Torrey regularly develops aftercare programs to improve customer outcomes. Torrey is a fitness fanatic whose passion is to help others achieve healthy lifestyle goals.



Amazing massage with Torrey!! His hands are golden. Hands down the best massage in Nola.


I am a fitness instructor and my body was in major need of TLC. I booked with Torrey on a whim and I am soooo so glad I did! He made me feel comfortable and taken care of. I left feeling calm and my body felt amazing. I got 12 hrs of sleep that night! Can't wait to see him next month.