To start your return, send an email to - we'll send you a return label and once we receive your items back, we'll issue you a refund or a credit towards your next purchase (see below for return policy details).


Unopened products, returned within 14 days of original purchase are eligible for a full refund.

Opened products, returned within 14 days of original purchase are eligible for credit towards another purchase at or at our store.


  • sale items, supplement and pantry items, and books
  • For sanitary reasons: sponges, makeup brushes, mask brushes, tools, oral tools, and water bottles

Refunds can not be issued for products that have been opened, you will receive store credit on eligible items.


Email or text us anytime to start a return, ask us a question, or get one on one help to find the perfect products for you.

Email: Text: (504) 206-4419


Please allow 1-3 days for us to ship out your order. We do our best to get the our out ASAP.

Orders over $100 (not including tax) receive free standard shipping.

Orders below $100 order will incur $10 charge.


We use USPS Priority for standard shipping. You will receive tracking via email as soon as your order ships, and the expected transit time is 1-3 days depending on where you are located (we ship from Massachusetts).

NEXT DAY AIR (coming soon)

For Next Day Air orders, we use UPS Next Day Air. You will receive tracking via email as soon as your order ships, and your order will arrive the day after it ships out. We try our hardest so that our Next Day Air orders will go out the same day, but this is not guaranteed.

In Store Pick Up Orders

Use code: 504PICKUP to deduct shipping and pick-up in store or:

Please send us an email (, call, or text (504-206-4419) if you would like to place an in-store pickup, so your order can be ready for you. Utilizing our website to choose the items that you want is a great way to do this.