I just got a facial from Nurdan. Best facial. She is so caring and empathetic. Totally worth every single penny I spent. It was such a release for me. I’m leaving here feeling so light and new. This is the place to go for body work the workers here are all so kind!!!


Beautiful shop with so many hard to find (in person) products. But the hidden gem here is any treatment with Nurdan. Never have I had a spa or therapeutic appointment and had such high expectations surpassed. It's hard to describe her gifts, but from the moment she welcomes you, you can just melt in to the experience. The buccal facial is transformative and brings unparalleled release. She has a magical, healing energy that lasts long after the treatment. Couldn't recommend her more.



Buccal Facial (AKA The Natural Facelift): The Buccal Massage has been called “The Natural Facelift.” This advanced technique involves deep massage of the inside of the cheeks and jaw to release tension, increase circulation to the face and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin - which lends a supple, youthful appearance to the skin. Results are seen immediately, including reduced facial lines, relieved muscular tension, lifting, contouring and plumping. Regular treatments to start are recommended for ideal results.

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Vibrant Advanced HydraFacial: Our Hydrafacial uses a unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract & simultaneously hydrate the skin, delivering painless extractions and plump glowing results. Hydrafacial uses super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acids, deluxe boosters, and LED light therapy. Your facial will also include exclusive additions like a taste of our famous deep facial massage to lift, sculpt, & lymphatic drain, as well as LED light therapy & your choice of booster to achieve a custom result.

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Vibrant Custom Facial: A dynamic and healing facial that is customized to your skin’s ever changing needs. This facial incorporates our famous deep massage, which has proven to releasing, cleansing, and revitalizing of the mind, spirit, and face! Each treatment is curated with the highest quality clean products that are specifically chosen for you. Some ingredients utilized will be vitamin C, peptides, botanical extracts and high quality oils. Modalities including microcurrent, deep facial massage, manual lymphatic drainage, Gua Sha, cupping, LED light therapy are incorporated to elevate your results ensuring that you will leave with a Vibrant glow!

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Transformative Vibrant Duo Facial: A combination of the Advanced Hydrafacial and Vibrant Custom Facial with Structural Massage.The Power Duo combines the detoxification, exfoliation, and infusion of the HydraFacial with the transformative massage and personal tailoring of Vibrant’s Custom Facial. This transformative healing treatment begins with a deep cleanse followed by lymphatic drainage to stimulate wellness in the facial issues and throughout the entire body. A HydraFacial then cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, and infuses the skin with a nutrient-rich cocktail catered to you.

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Vibrant Glow and Go: This 50 minute facial features a shorter version of Vibrant Market's signature massage plus a deep cleanse, extractions, exfoliation, mask, and serums to leave you clearer, brighter, and fresher. Products will be customized to you based off of Vibrant Markets full collection. This is a great facial to incorporate add ons if you want a specific modality, like LED, cupping, more extractions, or micro-current.

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Add Ons

Buccal Lip: The plumping lifting results of a buccal, specifically for your lips! This is particularly good for those with aging lines around the lips.

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About Nurdan

Nurdan started her journey in the world of health and wellness when she was 19 as a fitness instructor in her hometown of Queens. Soon thereafter, she attained a massage therapy license from the highly regarded Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in NYC. With a  profound connection to the healing arts, she then went on to receive an advanced Yoga teaching certification in the high hills of  Rollinsville, Colorado. Keeping with the flow, she received her Esthetics license in Denver, thereby adding another dimension to her practice. Most recently, certified in the art of Intra-oral Buccal massage by Kosha Spa of Los Angeles - she is always on a quest to learn! 

A treatment with Nurdan is one that encompasses years of experience combined with her unique style and dedication… touch is ultimately the cornerstone of her work. A master of her craft: Nurdan customizes each clients skincare needs with expertise, love and respect. Expect to come out glowing, sculpted, and brighter.