Anima Mundi

Palo Santo Essential Oil - Wildharvested


Palo Santo oil is a true aromatic treasure and an Anima Mundi staple. It is renowned for its distinctive uplifting fragrance and its pronounced healing powers. Palo Santo Essential Oil is rich in limonene. A natural purifier, use it in your diffuser to keep you and your family healthy through the winter months. Palo Santo oil is among the best oils to use via direct palm inhalation for its clearing and inspiring properties. It has settling, calming and grounding qualities, thus making it a great ally for maintaining emotional equanimity, as well as a superb oil for spiritual uplifting.

Palo Santo is said to have an emotionally uplifting and balancing effect. Often used for shamanic ritual, it is a valuable tool for meditation, enhancing creativity, and for tasks requiring sustained concentration. With a softness and sweetness similar to some species of Frankincense, it is an ideal additive to massage oils. 

Aromatic Profile: 
Perfumery Note: top to middle
Odor: citrus with resinous wood notes, fresh
Strength of Initial Aroma: strong
Dry-out: soft, gentle, musky
Blends Well With: other woods and resins such as Cedarwood, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Myrrh


100% Pure Palo Santo Essential Oil^

^Wildharvested, made from aged dead wood from fallen trees

Steam distilled in Ecuador

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