My goal at Vibrant Market is to be a resource for people on all avenues of their own personal wellness and healing journey. At Vibrant Market, I not only try and select the best of the best products to make your health, skin, and lives more vibrant, but I try my best to be a resource (and share resources) that go beyond what we sell at vibrant. I want to empower our community to continue to learn, thrive, and heal through means of different books, doctors, practitioners, podcasts, thought leaders, and more. I have compiled these resources over years, and shared them with you all in store, but excited to finally have one succinct place where you can reference-- organized and categorized! I will continue to update this space.

I want to add, no one person should ever necessarily be your guru. Just because you disagree with them on one thing, does not mean there is immense value in other knowledge and perspectives they share, and vice versa. Learn what you can from people and be discerning. And always remember-- humans health journeys are not cookie cutter. You always need to look at your health as an individual, and always look upstream of the problem instead of treating the symptoms.

As always...

Stay Vibrant!



General Wellness Knowledge + Where to Start

Doctors, Centers, and Thought Leaders

Parsley Health

The Remedy Room New Orleans

Dr. Mark Hyman

Dr. Will Cole




Eat Dirt by Dr. Josh Axe

In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan

Food, What the Heck Should I Eat? By Dr. Mark Hyman



Doctors, Centers, Thought Leaders

Dr. Erin Leigh Conneally (sees clients) at the Cancer Center for Healing

Hope 4 Cancer, Cancun

Dr. Joe Dispenza (meditation and quantum mechanics)

Chris Wark

Taylor Dukes:


Chris Beat Cancer

The Cancer Code by Dr. Jason Fung

Radical Remission

You are the Placebo by Dr. Joe Dispenza

Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza


Deuterium Depleted Water

Air Doctor Air Filter

9 Elements Cleaning Products

Branch Basics Cleaning Product






PCOS + Hormonal Issues

Pcos SOS: A Gynecologist's Lifeline To Naturally Restore Your Rhythms, Hormones, and Happiness by Dr. Felice Gersh

Local Practitioners



Fertility + Pregnancy


The Better Baby Book by Dave and Lana Asprey

The Pregnancy Solution E-Book by Dr. Mark Hyman (A nutritional and food guide)

Local Practitioners (New Orleans)

Noell Eanes Acupuncture

Pure Health + Gynecology

Lauren Shepley PT and Pelvic Floor Therapist


Child Birth

Saige Birthing Center




The Vaccine-Friendly Plan by Paul Thomas MD and Jennifer Margulis Ph. D.

Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brian Hooker PhD

The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide: How to Make Safe, Sensible Decisions about the Risks, Benefits, and Alternatives by Dr. Aviva Romm


About the MTHFR Mutation


Trauma + Therapy