Westman Atelier

Baby Blender Brush


A specialized blending brush and perfect match to Baby Cheeks blush. The rounded shape and compact bristles distribute cream color seamlessly and without streaking for a refined application on smaller areas of the face.

Cruelty-Free Nylon Fibers

Optimal density, softness and function

Hardwood Birch Sustainably sourced from an FSC-certified forest

Gucci's Notes

Blend Baby Cheeks blush into the skin using small circles or tiny buffing strokes for the most natural flush. This brush can also be used to mix multiple shades for a uniquely customized color. 

Blush is a beautiful way to balance the proportions of the face. Keep color round on the apples to soften your angles. For more contour and definition, work upward along the cheekbones instead.

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