Cause Medic

CBD Relief Cream


Cause Medic award-winning pain cream provides immediate cooling comfort with a revitalizing blend of water-soluble, broad-spectrum CBD*, menthol, camphor, capsicum, glucosamine and mushroom extracts. 

Bioavailable Benefits: The patented microencapsulation method uses glucose to create a water-soluble formula, ensuring that our CBD is optimally absorbed by the skin.

Highest Quality CBD: Responsibly grown hemp at a farm in Colorado. It’s natural and organic, full spectrum for the highest benefit, cold-pressed for purity and always chemical-free.

Active Botanicals: To produce live rosin CBD, hemp biomass is frozen immediately after harvest to preserve terpenes & cannabinoids for greater flavor and effect. Cannabinoids are then extracted without the use of solvents.

*340mg of CBD! 
*Contains no THC

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