Dog's Probiotic


Dog’s Probiotic+ takes a comprehensive approach to pet wellness. More than a probiotic, Cymbiotika's innovative formula features a unique blend of trademarked pre-, pro-, and post-biotics that facilitate a healthy gut environment and promote long-term vitality. Designed to meet the evolving needs of pets, Dog’s Probiotic+ is expertly crafted. Enriched with a complete enzyme blend that breaks down fats, carbohydrates, and proteins to optimize nutrient absorption. Additionally, it contains a comprehensive greens blend that provides nutrition, antioxidants, and minerals to deodorize the digestive tract. Furthermore, they've included organic herbs to soothe and heal the digestive organs.

Key Ingredients

Prebiotic: Microbuild™ is an innovative prebiotic that nurtures the gut health and overall well-being of pets. Even during bacterial challenges, Microbuild™ works to increase microbial diversity in the gut, boosting the animal’s natural defenses. Cymbiotika combined FOS and the innovative Microbuild™ to create a substantial prebiotic blend.

7-Strain Probiotic: A comprehensive 7-strain probiotic that provides your dog with 2 billion CFUs. Each strain has been chosen and researched for its efficacy and direct benefit to the gut.

Postbiotic: Tynagen™ is the industry’s first heat-stable postbiotic designed exclusively for pets maximizing overall pet health by delivering beneficial metabolites straight to the gut, helping to build your pet’s immunity and optimize gut health.

Digestive Enzymes: Enzymes that improve nutrient absorption through the breakdown of fats, proteins, carbohydrates, and starches.

Greens Blend: A comprehensive greens blend deodorizes the digestive tract. Cymbiotika's greens blend, and organic herbs soothe and heal the digestive organs.


For best results, follow the recommended dosage instructions:

Dog Weight (lbs)

Daily Chews

1 – 25 lbs.


26- 50 lbs.


51 – 75 lbs.


Over 75 lbs.


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