These power-packed adaptogenic brain tonic shots were designed to balance brain energy and support mental acuity, focus and performance while buffering against fatigue and stress. Take them on-the-go and use them when you need them most.  

Liposomal shots with a drop of raspberry and a touch of hibiscus

Box of 12, 10 mL shots

Aprico's liposomal supplements increase absorption by 5-25x.*


Key Ingredients 

  • Panax Notoginseng
  • Epimedium Extract
  • Guarana Seed Extract
  • Breviscapine
  • Fermented Korean Ginseng

Allergy Info

Tested Allergen-Free

Aprico tests according to the European food allergy panel, which is the most extensive allergen panel available.  They do not test for corn.

The following is the list of allergens they test for:

Almond Protein Allergen, Buckwheat Protein Allergen, Brazil Nut Protein, Cashew Protein, Celery Specific DNA Test, Coconut Protein, Crustacean Protein Allergen, Egg Protein Allergen, Fish Specific DNA Test, Gluten Allergen, Hazelnut Protein Allergen, Lupin Residue, Macadamia Protein, Milk Total Protein. Mustard Protein Allergen, Peanut Protein Allergen, Pine Nut Protein, Pistachio Protein, Sesame Seed Protein Allergen. Soy Protein Allergen. Walnut/Pecan Protein.

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