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Good as Gold


Good as Gold is an organic turmeric golden milk powder blended with hydrating coconut and superstar Ayurvedic herbs: ashwagandha, reishi mushroom, and ginger root.

Turmeric has been studied for its ability to support joint function and is high in antioxidants. (Hello, glowing skin!)

We’ve included organic black pepper in this blend, which can increase absorption by as much as 2000%.

They've also added a pinch of organic maple sugar and vanilla to enhance this turmeric powder’s rich coconut and ginger flavor. You can enjoy this powder on its own with water or milk as a golden milk turmeric latte.

30 servings, 365g (12.89oz).

Key Ingredients

Turmeric: The star of this golden milk powder. Turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin, has been studied comprehensively for its effect on inflammation. Curcumin is able to support against inflammation by blocking a specific molecule called NF-kB. NF-kB is the molecule that activates genes that are linked to inflammation. By disrupting that pathway, curcumin is able to help protect against inflammation.1

Ashwagandha: Ashwagandha has been studied extensively for its ability to support cognitive function and memory. It’s also considered an adaptogen, which means it can help the body acclimate, or adapt to, stressful situations through hormone regulation. Learn more about the specific benefits of ashwagandha for men and benefits for women here.

Reishi Mushroom: Reishi mushroom is popular in Eastern medicine. It has been studied for its ability to assist in moderating the immune system and helping to reduce fatigue and anxiety. Specifically, Reishi has shown to boost the immune system when it is weakened and reduce immune system activity when it is overstimulated.2

Ginger Root: Ginger is closely related to turmeric, and, like its spicy cousin, is high in antioxidants. Has anyone ever told you to chew fresh ginger for an upset tummy? There’s actually scientific backing for that advice. Gingerol, ginger’s active ingredient, has been studied for its ability to reduce nausea and morning sickness.3

How to Use

Directions: Blend 1 scoop with at least 8 oz (1 cup) of warm water or milk (or add to a smoothie).

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place.

Contains NO: dairy, gluten, soy, GMOs, peanuts, tree nuts, added sugars, filler ingredients, artificial flavors, colors, sweeteners or preservatives.

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