HCL Breakthrough



  • Better digestion: HCL Breakthrough is an all-natural source of betaine hydrochloride that increases stomach acid to support digestion and promote healthy gut movement. It also contains 5 different types of enzymes.
  • 100% plant-based and non-irritating: HCL Breakthrough does not contain pepsin, unlike most HCL products that contain an enzyme called pepsin (derived from animals). Many people are sensitive to pepsin and can develop reactions.
  • Mineral enhanced: HCL Breakthrough contains a proprietary full-spectrum mineral complex to provide cofactors to digestive enzymes and help replenish depleted minerals in our body.

    What is HCL?

    HCL or hydrochloric acid is a very strong acid produced by your stomach.

    The roles of stomach acid include:

    • Killing any potential pathogens that make its way into your stomach
    • Degrading proteins and converting them into forms that are easy to digest
    • Kick-starting the digestion, secretion, and movement throughout the digestive system
    • Activating enzymes that are released into the stomach as precursors, such as pepsin, which also activate other enzymes in the stomach
    • Converting minerals, such as iron and zinc, into a form that can be absorbed and used into the body


    Nowadays, most people suffer from low stomach acid and suboptimal digestion due to:

    • Aging
    • Poor eating hygiene, such as eating distracted or in a hurry, and not chewing food properly
    • Deficiencies of minerals that are important for the production of stomach acid, such as zinc
    • Overconsumption of foods that may inhibit digestive enzymes, such as dairy and grains
    • Coffee and tea can neutralize stomach acid and inhibit digestive enzymes
    • Food allergies and sensitivities

    Other than digestion, stomach acid is important for sterilizing your foods before it reaches further stages of your stomach. Also, the acidity triggers the secretions of digestive enzymes and bile, and wave-like gut movement that moves your food along. Having low stomach acid can result in overall poor digestion and gut movement, and possibly overgrowth of gut pathogens.

    HCL Breakthrough can increase stomach acid and jumpstart more natural HCL production. It also contains a comprehensive combination of digestive enzymes to further help optimize digestion. The benefits of HCL Breakthrough include:

    • Better digestion
    • Relief from bloating, indigestion, belching, or post-meal fatigue
    • Better absorption of nutrients that require stomach acid to absorb, such as iron and vitamin B12
    • Healthier gut movement

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