Josh Rosebrook

Hydration Kit


Meet The Hydrators, Josh Rosebrook's unique moisture-locking products that deliver mighty results in discovery, travel sizes. Maximize skin hydration and give the skin barrier support with this radiance-boosting set. 

The Hydration Set is perfect for: 

  • Discover Josh Rosebrook bestsellers without committing to full-size. 
  • The perfect gift for anyone looking to start a new routine or just discovering skincare!
  • The skin-serious traveler who won't compromise on a routine or suitcase space because of product size and weight limitations.

Efficacious and inclusive for all skin types and concerns, Formulated without blemish-triggering ingredients. 

Hydration Boost Concentrate (.5 oz.) is an advanced bioactive hydration and antioxidant serum. Encourages surface moisture retention through the phytonutrient synergy of aloe vera, Indian senna seed, hibiscus flower acid, and a restorative botanical infusion. Designed to work in conjunction with the Hydrating Accelerator. 

Advanced Hydration Mask (.33 oz.) is a powerful hydration and moisture mask that universally boosts the skin’s water-retaining capacity while reducing the feeling of dryness and any scaly, surface roughness. Delivering a plumper-looking and softer appearance with replenishing lipids and water-binding polysaccharides that mimic hyaluronic acid. 

Hydrating Accelerator (1 oz) is a multi-purpose, universal facial mist that supports the accelerated delivery of hydration and nourishment to the skin. With a base of soothing phytonutrient-rich aloe vera, this refreshing mist is infused with an antioxidant-complete herbal profile that satisfies skin thirst and calms the appearance of redness. Due to its unique formula structure, the Hydrating Accelerator will enhance the performance of any serums, oils, balms, and creams applied after. Take this mist anywhere to use anytime.

Vital Balm Cream (.33 oz.) is a restorative and barrier-fortifying moisturizer with a unique texture that balances the performance qualities of cream with the protective occlusion of a balm. This nourishing moisturizer delivers rejuvenating antioxidants and softening essential fatty acids that help to reduce the appearance of redness and deeply soothe the skin.







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