Kin Euphorics

Kin Lightwave


Sub Lightwave for your red wine wind-down with long-term brain balancing effects. Have one or two in lieu of your nightly edible to find your center. Perfect for an active meditation like surfing, ceramics or a 1000 piece puzzle to sink into a state of calm and sync with your groove. 

Sparkling notes of lavender-vanilla, smoked sea salts, and passionflower meet mind-calming ingredients to mellow you out, help you to transcend stress, and open a portal to peace (think naked forest bathing at midnight). 

Key Ingredients 


Reishi Mushroom ~ The Peace Empress

This mellow mushroom strengthens the adrenal system and balances your body's reactions to stress.

L-Theanine ~ The Scales of Balance

Increases alpha-wave production and modifies brain waves, which decreases anxiety and brings equilibrium to your mind and body.

L-Tryptophan ~ The Knight of Grace

Summon calm. Quiets the mind so you can ride a wave of serotonin for good moods and peace of mind.




Water, apple juice, birch bark extract, reishi mushroom, L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, magnesium glycerinate, allulose, lime juice, vanilla extract, lavender extract, American oak extract, lactic acid, smoked salt, gentian root extract, ginger extract, xanthan gum, acacia gum, passionflower extract, cimmerian extract, licorice root extract, organic bourbon vanilla extract, cinnamon extract, chili pepper extract, rosemary extract, clove extract, saffron extract.

How to use


It is recommended to not consume more than 4 cans in 24 hours, but consider yourself the key ingredient, since everyone reacts differently. 

Don’t consume if you’re under 18, breastfeeding, pregnant or may become pregnant, have a medical condition, or are taking SSRIs. Consult your doc if you are unsure if Kin is right for you.

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