kyoord High-phenolic Olive Oil


Made in Corfu, Greece, this extra virgin olive oil will take you beyond taste, beyond wellness, beyond the everyday. This olive oil has been tested to have some of the highest rates of oleocanthal and polyphenols in the world. With a robust flavor, herbaceous notes and signature peppery aftertaste, enjoy using Kyoord for, drizzling, dipping, and savoring.

The founder, a PHd in molecular biology and cancer researcher, started the EVOO company after studying oleocanthal's amazing anti-cancer benefits.

Unripe green olives are hand-harvested from a small family farm early in the season and pressed within hours ensuring a balanced and remarkably tasty finish. Packed with polyphenols, most notably oleocanthal and oleacein, these antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules are known as the Greek secret to a healthy, long life.



Enjoy with the knowledge that Kyoord is as good for your body as it is for your palate.

Kyoord goes beyond everyday wellness believing food can be used as medicine. No one knows this better than the Greeks, attesting that daily use of high-phenolic extra virgin olive oil holds the secret to a healthy, long life.

Our premium extra virgin olive oil contains high levels of beneficial molecules called polyphenols - exceptionally rich active ingredients, which are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and protect against many serious health conditions.

  • Country of Origin: Corfu, Greece
  • Harvest Date: November /  December 2020
  • Olive Varietals: Lianolia + Koroneiki
  • Total Polyphenols: 914 mg / kg
  • Oleocanthal + Oleacein: 657 mg / kg


Benefits and Care

The secret superfood to elevate your day. Developed by Dr. Limor Goren - cancer researcher, molecular biologist and an olive oil expert.

  • Loaded with good fats and great for your health
  • Premium tasting and backed by science
  • Use it everyday - cook, drizzle, savor


Exposure to heat, air and light can tarnish the quality of your oil. Belonging on the kitchen bench, our signature white opaque bottle ensures your oil is kept dark, cool and maintains its integrity. Your kyoord olive oil will stay fresh for 2 years from the harvest date. Use within 2 months of opening.

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