Westman Atelier

Liquid Blender Brush


An essential blending brush for liquid formulas and ideal companion to Vital Skincare Complexion Drops. The compact, rounded shape blends seamlessly while beautifully refining the finish of makeup on skin, making it Gucci’s go-to brushes.

Bristles made from 66% recycled content using post-consumer material. Cruelty-Free.

 Cherry Wood: Sourced from Japan

Cruelty-Free Polyester Bristles: Handmade. Optimal density, softness and function


Gucci Notes

"Brushes are my most important tools. I think of them as an extension of myself, and it’s an absolute luxury to work with an extraordinary brush.

Using a gentle sweeping motion, work close to the skin to blend and smooth your Vital Complexion Drops. I like to squeeze 3-5 drops directly onto the brush head, and smooth the product over skin with the liquid blender brush for a seamless refined finish.

Ideal for even, quick applications of makeup."

xx Gucci

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