Experience the detoxifying power of immersing your body in mineral-rich clay. Magnetic Clay™ Bath combines the highest quality desert-sourced healing clays with ancient sea salt to help draw toxins and impurities while you relax and restore.


Gently draws out toxins & impurities Humans have used healing and cleansing clays for millennia. Today, as pollutants become more prevalent in our environment, clay offers a simple yet effective means of removing accumulated toxins..

Bentonite clay is strongly adsorptive, which means it has the capacity to attract, hold and help eliminate toxins. It has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, and when activated by water, it acts like a magnet, drawing toxins to it, which then adhere to the surface of the clay.



Supports healthy skin function The skin is your body’s largest organ and clay supports its natural function as a detoxification pathway. While submerged in a tub of warm water mixed with Magnetic Clay™ Bath, the highly adsorbent clay binds to toxins while the ancient sea salt enhances the efficacy of the clay.


Promotes relaxation

Magnetic Clay™ Bath offers a convenient, relaxing way to enjoy at-home pelotherapy, the therapeutic use of mud or clay applied to the body.

Key Ingredients

Desert Sourced Montmorillonite ClaySourced from ancient hydrothermal and volcanic basins, sodium bentonite clay is known for its adsorptive qualities and has been used for centuries as a traditional method for detoxification. Mohave Desert Sourced Bentoninte ClayAlso known as montmorillonite clay, this Mohave desert-sourced bentonite clay is known for being effective at helping to remove toxins and impurities via the skin. Himalayan Pink SaltA mineral-rich salt derived from ancient sea beds, Himalayan pink salt enhances the adsorptive qualities of bentonite clay by increasing cellular osmotic pressure.


How to Use

Magnetic Clay™ Bath is formulated with premium clays, free of emulsifiers, and will clump if improperly mixed. To reach full therapeutic potential, clay powder should be completely hydrated and free of clumps.

1. Preparing a Bath: Slowly sprinkle measured clay powder into stream of warm, running bath water. Add more hot or cool water as necessary to achieve desired temp.

2. Bathing & Clean Up: Enter the bath and hand stir the water to circulate clay while bathing. After allotted time, allow tub to drain and continue to run warm water for 30-60 seconds to ensure clean drainage. Take a tepid shower and rinse skin to remove clay residue. Carefully exit the bath, clay can be slippery.

3. Post-Bath Care: Moisturize skin with a chemical-free moisturizer to relieve any dryness. Some minerals and electrolytes may be depleted during your bath session and should be replenished as soon as possible. Drink plenty of mineral rich spring water, herbal tea, and rest.


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