Baceae Olea

Moon Cycle XXIV - PMS Herbal Tincture W/Broad Spectrum Hemp 2400 mg


moon cycle cbd tincture is a unique blend created to address the over 150 symptoms associated with pms. diuretic herbs in this tincture help to reduce fluid retention and bloating, while antispasmodic herbs ease menstrual cramps and dilate blood vessels to relax muscles. herbs and broad spectrum cbd help to balance and regulate the menstrual cycle and hormonal levels, while also alleviating anxiety, promoting calm, and balancing the mood.

moon cycle tincture is made from a blend of herbal leaves, roots, flowers, berries, and barks that have been steeped in cbd-infused organic olive oil. herbs such as black cohosh root, chaste tree berries, cramp bark, dong quai, valerian root, and more help to reduce fluid retention, relieve cramps, and balance the mood. 



black cohosh root*^, broad spectrum cannabidiol*^, chamomile flower*, chaste tree berries*, cramp bark*, dandelion leaf*, dandelion root*, dong quai root*, ginger root*, ginkgo biloba leaf*, olive oil*^, raspberry leaf*, st. john's wort*, valerian root*


Use Caution if

Any type of chronic disease is present, have anemia, have diabetes, have fair skin and enjoy exposure to strong sunlight, have gallstones, liver disease or obstruction of the bile ducts, have measles, pregnant, stomach ulcer or gastritis, taking birth control pills, estrogen supplements, anti-psychotic drugs, or other medications that act on the pituitary gland, taking mao inhibitor antidepressants

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