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Organic Soothing Gel


This Organic Soothing Gel is a deeply comforting, calming, soothing and hydrating antibacterial treatment that leaves skin soft, supple and revitalized using herbs, flowers, seaweeds and vitamins blended into a biodynamic Aloe Vera gel of the highest quality available. Suitable for the most sensitive skin and skin that is prone to acne and inflammation. Also ideal to soothe skin after any hair removal procedure. Formulated with Dr. Alkaitis' signature skin relieving complex.


  • Targets skin that is prone to blemish 
  • Anti-bacterial treatment 
  • Deeply hydrates and comforts
  • Calms and hydrates


The Dr. Alkaitis Skin Care line is one of the few lines that utilizes Organic Grape Alcohol. Unlike the de-natured alcohol that is mostly used, Organic Grape Alcohol is highly beneficial for your skin and facilitates the nutrient-rich composition to be optimally absorbed by your skin. Organic Grape Alcohol is so pure you can drink it, it will NOT dry out your skin or damage it in any way! 


  • It balances the natural pH of your skin 
  • It is an extremely gentle and safe anti-bacterial tonic
  • It strengthens your skin 

Key Ingredients

German Chamomile: extremely healing especially good for sensitive skin, helps reduce redness, super anti-inflammatory, soothing, an antiseptic, and antifungal.

Rosemary: Helps diminish the appearance of blemishes, excess oil, and irritation on the surface of the skin. Rosemary is rich in antioxidants and revered for its energizing herbaceous aroma.

Aloe Vera: Soothes, hydrates, and heals. Great for red flaky skin.

Black Elderberry: antioxidant-rich, protecting from free radicals and oxidative stress. Strong antibacterial, anti-viral, and antiseptic, it fights acne. Tones and soothes, Rich in vitamin A, so it helps fade age spots + hyperpigmentation and fight wrinkles.

Organic Grape Alcohol: It balances the natural pH of your skin, is extremely gentle and safe anti-bacterial tonic, and strengthens skin.

Fennel Seed: has been shown to help treat acne, soothe, and brighten skin tone.

Nettles: treats acne, calms, brightens, repairs cells.

Vitamin C Complex: Boosts collagen production reducing + preventing fines lines + wrinkles, provides environmental protection, reduces hyperpigmentation, brightens dull skin.


All Ingredients

Aloe Vera Gel*, Witch Hazel Distillate*, Grape Alcohol*, Greater Nettle*, German Chamomile*, Myrrh⁰, European Elder*, Sweet Weed*, French Lavender*, Curacao Orange*, Benzoin⁰, Rosemary*, Olibanum⁰, Italian Fennel*, Balm Mint*, Sea Oak⁰, Atlantic Kelp*, Red Seaweed⁰, Natural Vitamin B Complex (Yerba Mate Extract*, Chlorella Extract*), Natural Vitamin C Complex (Camu Camu Extract, Acerola Extract*), Aroma (a blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils), Geraniol**, Limonene**, Linalool**

*certified organically grown

°ethically wildcrafted

**naturally occurring


How to Use

Apply a few drops of Soothing Gel on to your clean skin using your fingertips. The gel will spread easily and your skin will absorb the moisturizing anti-bacterial properties quickly. If you have an oily skin complexion, you can use the gel as a moisturizer in place of a day or night cream to promote a smooth and balanced complexion. Because our Organic Soothing Gel is created with living ingredients, always put a lid on the bottle after use to preserve the purity of your natural, organic product.

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