Ursa Major

Sublime Sage Spray Deodorant


An instantly-refreshing aluminum and baking soda-free natural herbal spray deodorant to keep you fresh and odor-free.

This instantly-refreshing herbal deodorant neutralizes odor-producing bacteria with a powerful blend of plants, minerals and enzymes, keeping you fresh and funk-free. The lightweight, on-the-go natural spray deodorant delivers long-lasting protection and a sublime scent of sage, geranium, sandalwood and lemon myrtle.

  • Sage

    An essential oil rich in naturally-occurring phytochemicals shown to soothe aggravated skin.

  • Triethyl Citrate

    Made by combining plant-derived alcohol and citric acid; increases the acidity of armpit skin to decrease the production of esterase, an odor-causing enzyme.

  • Lemon Myrtle

    An essential oil high in citral, a phytochemical known for neutralizing bacteria.

  • Undecylenoyl Glycine

    Derived from castor seed oil; uses bio-vectorization technology to neutralize body odor within the pores for comprehensive odor control.

  • Saccharomyces Ferment

    Produced by feeding plant sugar to yeast, enzymes from this ferment neutralize active odor while inhibiting the formation of body odor.

  • Geranium

    A soothing essential oil with powerful antioxidant properties.


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