Be Here Farms

Summer Solstice Serum


Curated in Saint Helena, California, each botanical is grown and harvested by hand on Be Here Farms + Nature's biodynamic farm or wild harvested across their family land on Spring Mountain. 

The plants are then solar infused at the peak of their vitality, hours after harvest, in biodynamic olive oil for one complete moon cycle, using only the rhythms of the sun and the moon to extract their healing properties.

"Our expertise in growing the cleanest, most nutrient dense and health supportive plants, anywhere, markedly amplifies the potency of the timeless botanicals which are now proven to improve skin hydration, firmness and elasticity, promote tissue repair, treat prematurely aging skin damage by sun exposure and protect against industrial pollutants, radiation and toxicants by enhancing antioxidant levels and enzyme activity."

No chemicals or machinery are used.



Antioxidant-rich biodynamic olive oil _ St. John's wort + Calensula + Tulsi + German Chamomile + Roman Chamomile + Yellow Dock + Gotu Kola

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