Wood Aromatic Candle

$40 $60

There’s a mystery to an untouched forest, marled and twisted, growing and still twisting. WOOD invites you to inhale the uplifting spirit of canopies — centuries of leaves unfurling — and the warming scents of wild herbs and pink pepper trees, sunburnt to black. Drink in the smell of damp undergrowth and ancient redwood trees reaching for a reclining Cassiopeia. Rich cedarwood blends with sweet fir needles, punctuated by verdant vetiver and sharp marjoram. These are notes that feel, smell, and are, green. They are a reminder that no matter where our travels take us, trees have been there longer.

Scent notes : Earthy vetiver. Cedarwood bonfires. Fallen fir needles. Nature at rest. Bittersweet marjoram. Sharp black pepper.

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