Clean Keto Q + A with Fat Burning Coach Alexia Bjarkan

In this article I, Lauren, the founder of Vibrant Market, interview Alexia Bjarkan, The Remedy Room's weight loss coach. The Remedy Room is a functional medicine and IV therapy clinic in New Orleans. Alexia helps their patients burn fat to become fit, confident, informed, and vibrantly healthy. She has been featured in publications such as Grazia and Marie Claire.

A few years ago, Alexia was a fat-burning beginner - just like you. That's why she understands the challenges that we all face including extra pounds, cravings, binge eating, depression, and low confidence.

Alexia is offering the science-proven method to maximized and lasting weight loss. She shows her clients the exact steps to burn off your extra fat, and holds your hand through the entire process.



LT: What is the difference between keto and what many people think they are doing with Keto?
AB: "Keto" is a trending word, and you see it all over the shelves in grocery stores now. Many people think they're "doing keto" by buying these keto products but they're missing the goal of keto: to achieve "ketosis," the metabolic state when the body is burning fat for energy. For this reason, I recommend measuring the ketosis in your blood or breath by using a ketone meter (the coaching program includes this device). That way, you see black on white if you are on track with keto or if you need to adjust something (which I advise for our program participants).

Although I'm not against all keto products, keto to me is natural eating the way we used to eat, and we are meant to be eating. It's healthy and tasty meals made out of lots of vegetables, fats, some protein, and few carbs. It is a healthy lifestyle to achieve your optimal health, weight, and wellbeing!
LT: What makes this program different from other weight loss programs?
AB: It is the last weight loss program you will ever need. I say this with confidence since The Remedy Room and I keep in touch with our patients after the program ends and know they are keeping their results. They do this since they learn in the program how to eat and what to do to become fat-burning machines, getting rid of all excess weight and keeping it off - as long as they keep using the tools. To that end, I also teach them how to break old habits, such as binge eating, and adopt a strong mindset to overcome all challenges towards their goal weight. Lastly, the eight weeks of the program cover implementing healthy habits, such as optimal sleep and daily movement, to maximize the results. The program's outcome is a healthy, sustainable lifestyle for looking and feeling your best at your goal weight! 
LT: Besides weight loss what are some of the other benefits of Keto and the lifestyle changes you learn in this program?

AB: This is what happens in the body when you adopt the healthy, low-carb eating, fasting, and other health practices in the program:

  • Your inflammation will reduce.
  • Your glucose and insulin levels will normalize. 
  • Your body will burn fat for energy.

I could go on and on about how this new body chemistry will make you feel like a whole new person! In the short term, you should gain the most energy you have ever felt and a fantastic mood. Long term, you have the opportunity to avoid medication and illness and instead live a long and thriving life! 

LT: What makes the keto way of eating different from other weight loss methods?
AB: Keto is a scientific method created by U.S. researchers in the 1920s. This way of eating has stood the test of time, and research proves its many health benefits. What makes keto effective as a weight-loss method is that it makes the body burn fat for energy while turning off hunger and cravings and boosting energy. This change in body chemistry means that you’ll reach and maintain your goal weight simply by enjoying delicious foods!
LT: Why did you start practicing keto and fasting?
AB: It was a couple of the many methods I tried during my years of ill health and what finally worked to get me well. I started binge eating to self-medicate low moods as a teenager, and the toxic foods had horrible effects on my health. I suffered from depression, mood swings, and insomnia and got an incorrect bipolar diagnosis in my early twenties. When I started burning fat for energy on keto eating and intermittent fasting, my symptoms disappeared in weeks! I quit my corporate career and trained to be a coach to help others live their healthiest, happiest lives too.
LT: What are some of the results you see when patients switch to keto eating and fasting?
AB: Anyone with excess pounds starts losing them in the first week. As they clear out inflammation through clean eating and fasting, their bodies and minds get healthier too. People are often surprised by feeling more energetic and happier than ever before, only by having switched their foods!

LT: Are there any drawbacks to the keto way of eating?

AB: It can be uncomfortable while the body adjusts to its new metabolic state. It's called "keto flu," and if it happens at all, it's often just for a few days in the beginning. You can usually overcome it by staying hydrated, which I teach in the program. I think keto's potential initial side effects are a small price to pay for the amazing health benefits for a lifetime!

LT: How much weight can you lose on keto?

AB: Results vary, but some of our program participants have lost up to 28 lbs in only eight weeks. What makes keto different from “diet fads” is that the weight you lose in the fat-burning mode ketosis stays off, as long as you continue practicing the keto eating. I have maintained my goal weight for about seven years now.

Alexia's next program starts April 24th-- to get more info visit here!


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