Why We Love Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader uses cellular communication signaling to wake up your body’s healing potential, a process similar to one of our best selling supplements, Ion Biome. Through its patented, formulated technology TFC8®, this skincare line boosts your skin’s natural healing abilities and stem cell production which can in turn can help with a range of skin issues, including firming wrinkles and fine lines, balancing hyperpigmentation, brightening complexion, healing scars, clearing acne, fading stretch marks and cellulite, soothing skin irritations, and more.

The results are backed by over 30 years of scientific research. Augustinus Bader is a German biomedical scientist, physician, and one of the leading experts in the field of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine. In 2008, Bader developed Wound Gel, a groundbreaking product that promotes the natural self-repair of traumatic wounds at a cellular level. The Wound Gel functions by carrying a set of healing signals to the site of an injury, which, in turn, catalyzes a response from damaged skin cells and facilitates an expedited, automated restoration process. From diabetic wounds to third-degree burns, the Wound Gel eliminates the need for surgery, skin grafts, or scar revision. Using the same signaling technology as the Wound Gel and over three decades of cutting age research on skin healing and tissue repair, TFC8® (or Trigger Factor Complex 8) was developed and incorporated into this amazing Augustinus Bader skincare line that clinically delivers. In both clinical trials and consumer studies, Bader’s TFC8®-powered products have proven to address specific concerns such as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, redness, hyper pigmentation, cellulite, and stretch marks as well as visibly reducing the damage caused by external stressors.

His original products are The Cream and The Rich Cream (a thicker version of The Cream for more intensive repair). Bader recommends his clients use The Cream or The Rich Cream for 27 straight days without using other products (besides toner/mist) underneath because this is the amount of time it takes for your skin to replenish itself, giving your skin enough time to really utilize the science of this product. The line has since, to our delight, expanded to provide a product for every skincare need including: The Cream Cleansing Gel, The Cleansing Balm, The Essence (an exfoliating toner), The Face Oil, The Body Lotion, The Body Cream, The Body Oil, and new products The Eye Cream, The Serum, and The Mask. Each of these products includes TFC8® along with other amazing active ingredients for each product's specific concerns. 

We’re loving this clean and research-backed solution to boost our body's own skin perfecting powers.

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