Premium Copper Tongue Cleaner

A premium copper tongue scraper that cleans away tongue nasties, plaque and bacteria for the freshest breath all day long. This simple habit will give you better oral hygiene, awakened tastebuds and a cleaner tongue. 

The benefits don’t stop at the mouth. Scraping your tongue daily can also prevent bacteria from spreading into your body and boost overall immunity. The result? A strangely satisfying step in your routine, a high five from your dentist and the knowledge that your tongue resembles the Vatican. Clean, pure and holy.


The tongue is one of the most neglected organs in the body. Why won’t someone think of the tongue??! As a matter of fact, we have. Brushing, flossing and mouth wash aren’t enough to *truly* clean your mouth — you need a tongue scraper to banish bacteria and build-up that’s responsible for bad breath and bad health. 

Our take on the ancient Ayurvedic oral care remedy is the perfect companion to your toothbrush. A healthier mouth = a healthier you.


100% pure copper.   

This product is made from 100% pure uncoated copper to preserve its antibacterial powers and will tarnish & discolour over time. This is completely normal and will not impact the effectiveness or safety of the product. Should you wish to clean it you can use a simple solution of salt and lemon juice.

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